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Academy Governance

Bengeworth Multi-Academy Trust Governance

Bengeworth Multi-Academy Trust formed on 1st February 2018 when Bengeworth CE Academy changed from a standalone academy to a Multi-Academy Trust.  On the same date, Bretforton Village School then converted to an academy and joined the new MAT too.

Bengeworth Multi-Academy Trust now consists of two Academies:

           Bengeworth CE Academy (with two sites at Burford Road and Kings Road)

             Bretforton Village School

Bengeworth Multi-Academy Trust has three layers of governance:

 - There are four Trustees of the Charitable Trust (also called Members of the Trust).

 - There are seven Directors of the Board who operate at a strategic level (they are the owners of the company rather like shareholders).   They are responsible for establishing the aims and policies of the school, setting and implementing the school budget, and ensuring that the curriculum is taught.

 - There are eleven Local School Governors at Bengeworth (who together make up the School Governing Body), and they have responsibilities delegated to them by the Academy Trust.  The School Governing Body is composed of  representatives from the Church, local community, school and parents.  They set targets for the school and ensure the implementation of these targets. They visit the school regularly and act as a link between parents, the Church, and the school.  The Governors have regular half-termly meetings and have also formed Working Groups/Committees to focus on specific areas.

The constitution of an Academy Trust is set out in its Articles of Association which are agreed with the Secretary of State.

For further information about the governance of the Trust, members and attendance, please see other Tabs and read the Annual Report and Accounts.

Mr David Coaché
Executive Head


Mrs Hayley Potter
Head of School at
King's Road
Ex-Officio Governor


Mr Andrew Martyr-Icke
Chair Of Directors
Chair of Governors
Dr Lloyd Jenkins
Vice Chair of Board
Mr Paul Perkins
School Governor
Mr David Stokes
Director (Finance)
Responsible Officer School Governor


Rev Mark Binney
School Governor


Mr Simon Hill
Director &              School Governor
(Diocese appointed)
Mrs Catherine Hill 
School Governor
Mr Les Crompton
School Governor


Mrs Victoria Lane    School Governor


Mrs Christine Booth
MAT Business Manager
Company Secretary
Clerk to Board        Clerk to Governors
Mr Anthony Mealings 
(and School Governor at Bretforton)







Mr Nigel Smith
(and School Governor at Bretforton)

Mrs Kirsty Shaw
Head of School at
 Burford Road 
Ex-Officio Governor


Mrs Sarah Davis
School Governor


Mr Edward Fair
Additional Co-opted Governor