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Art and Design

At Bengeworth Academy we believe that everyone is an artist, and it is our intention to offer opportunities for all children to access the Art Curriculum to enable them to become confident, competent, imaginative and creative artists within their own right. We strive to provide children with a diverse array of knowledge and skills that will enable them to be subjective, critical thinkers who know more and remember more and who are able to make links and connections within their learning. Following our knowledge rich lead curriculum, our children will discover an array of developing and great artists who have inspired the movements of art. Artist studies and research will further support children's understanding of wider conceptualisation of art acceptance within society, that too will increase their confidence to create art expressively. Children will have opportunities to play and experiment with a range of different mediums and applications through our progressional skills. Aspiring to be the growing artist of the future.

The five concepts (drawing, paint, print, sculpture and digital media)are explicit in planning and teaching and are important threads which help drive our curriculum throughout the school. We organise what we teach and when we teach it in a way so that our Art Curriculum is age and stage appropriate; for example, within our sculpture concept, EYFS have a natural focus, whereas Year 5’s progressional skills will have matured to enable them to manipulate copper inline with their critical design progress.  

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Our Art and Design curriculum also enables pupils to understand how art and design both reflect and shape our history, and contribute to the culture, creativity and wealth of our local environment and nation.