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Circle Time and Class Worship

In our classes we enjoy Class worship and Circle time every week.  We talk about and reflect on our own lives, the lives of others and the Christian values that we believe in.

This month (January), our Christian value is Friendship.

We have been thinking about friends in our lives as well as friends of Jesus and have explored what makes a good friend. 



Palm Sunday is fast approaching.  You could try to make your own cross with a strip of paper to remind us that Jesus died on the cross.  It is quite tricky, but give it a go!

Palm Cross Craft

  1. Fold over, making loop at top.
  2. Take long end make loop creating the other end.
  3. Bend and crease (at angle) palm, diagonally.
  4. Bend around forming cross.
  5. Wrap palm around cross.
  6. Bring strand around and down.
  7. Bring strand under and up.
  8. Bring strand over and down.
  9. Bring strand under and up.
  10. Over and down.
  11. Turn cross over to back and place the end of the palm underneath as shown in the picture.
  12. Front view. (Finished Craft)