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Curriculum Overview

Year 5 Summer Curriculum

 An African Safari.

Our learning journey this term takes us to another continent as we visit the topic of Africa. We will be learning all about Africa, the cultures, traditions, stories and not to mention being inspired for our end of year production.

During our Literacy lessons, we will be utilising our letter writing skills to prepare for our African Craft Fayre; asking for permission to hold it and inviting our parents along to see all the exciting things we have made. We will be exploring African storytelling to inspire our own traditional tales. And perhaps most excitingly of all, we are very excited about a trip to London to see The Lion King to inspire the actors amongst us.

In Numeracy we will be focusing on money. We will be given budgets for our craft fayre and be investigating ways to make the most profit, all to help develop our understanding of number in a problem solving context. Children will continue to use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using efficient mental and formal written methods. Alongside this we will be analysing data and investigating differences in temperature. Population will also be a focus and aid us in ordering large numbers.

Science will see a study of climates and habitats. Alongside this we will be studying the life cycles of animals and plants. We will be describing the differences in the life cycles of a mammal, an amphibian, an insect and a bird as well as describing the life process of reproduction in some plants and animals. Children will be investigating adaptations and evolution. As this topic looks lifecycles in animals, we will be exploring the changes as humans develop to old age.

In Design and Technology we will design our tribal masks and be making our own djembe drums complete with African designs. Furthermore, children will be creating African sunset pictures and recreating images of Maasai people.

Our Geography skills will be enhanced through a study of another country, investigating carefully landscape, climate comparisons, population and what life is like. We will be exploring the Send a Cow website for in-depth case studies.