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School Uniform

We expect pupils to  be neatly dressed at all times and actively encourage our pupils to wear our school uniform.  Good quality school uniform printed with the school logo can be obtained at a reasonable cost from the School Shop in Evesham and Vale Schoolwear in Blackminster.

Our Bengeworth uniform is as follows:

Girls' winter uniform - White long or short-sleeved buttoned cotton shirt (not polo shirt) with red and silver striped school tie, red v-neck sweatshirt or cardigan with Bengeworth school logo, grey/charcoal skirt, pinafore or trousers, grey or red tights/grey or white socks, black school type shoes and a red school book bag.  

Girls' summer uniform - A gingham (checked) red and white dress (not skorts or dresses with shorts instead of a skirt) can be worn in the summer months (from Easter holidays to October half term) along with full school type black shoes and white socks, not tights.  Open-toed sandals are not permitted.  Girls may also wear grey shorts with white socks, not tights, with white shirt, tie and red v-neck sweatshirt or cardigan with Bengeworth school logo.

Boys' winter and summer uniform - White long or short-sleeved buttoned cotton shirt (not polo shirt) with red and silver striped tie, red v-neck sweatshirt with Bengeworth school logo, grey/charcoal trousers/shorts, grey or black socks, black school type shoes (black trainers are not permitted) and a red school book bag.  

Hairstyles - must be of a conventional nature.  No tram-lines or shaved hair. Long hair should be tied back away from the face at all times using hair bands/slides in the school colours (black/grey/red).  Only small hairbands should be worn in the hair (no large adornments).

Jewellery - Small studs worn in pierced ears are the only acceptable items of jewellery.  For safety reasons, hooped or dangling earrings must not be worn.  Stud earrings must be removed before P.E. lessons.  Nail varnish and tattoos are not permitted.

P.E. Kit - These can be bought as a set at the School Shop in Evesham and consist of a red Bengeworth t-shirt with school logo and red shorts, black tracksuit bottoms and red hooded sweatshirt with the school logo on the front .  Your child will also need a pair of slip-on plimsoles or trainers for children at Burford Road in Reception and Year 1, or pair of trainers for children at King's Road in Years 2 to 5.  

P.E. kits should be in a red, named drawstring bag which remains in school for the half term.

It is essential that all items of school uniform, including PE kit and shoes, are named clearly and checked regularly.

Click here for the link to School Shop in Evesham which supplies all our school uniform.

Click here for the link to Vale Schoolwear in Blackminster, Evesham which supplies all our school uniform.