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Through My Window

Look at our school!  How high do you think the water came up the gates?  Our topic will help you to find out more about this event and so much more!


Our topic this half term (January and February) looks at our local environment through our window.  We live in a diverse world full of fascinating buildings, people and history and will spend the half term really looking at the environment through our window.


We will be learning about flooding in Evesham and how it affects our community and school.  You might like to talk to your family about the floods that happened in July 2007, asking them what they did, what they remember about the water rising and how they sorted out any problems that the floods caused.  You might even find that your family have pictures - it was a memorable event, but not necessarily in a good way!



The Church of St Lawrence

On Monday 2nd February, Year 2 walked to St Lawrence Church to explore this fascinating building.  They enjoyed the opportunity to explore a religious building and to identify the various different features of a church.  We were all intrigued by the fact that there were two fonts in the church; the children had some very sensible suggestions as to why this might be the case.  Perhaps they will share the actual reason with you...

The church, built by the Benedictine monks of Evesham Abbey in the 12th century, has had a fascinating history, including being rebuilt in about 1470 and a further re-build in the 1830s.  It is a beautiful building and is open all year and free to wander round as it is now under the care of the Churches Conservation Trust.  

Click on the picture to find out more information about the church from the Churches Conservation Trust.


We have now started to compare the 2006 flooding in Evesham with the terrible 2011 flooding in Japan as a result of a huge tsunami.  The children were shocked by the speed at which the tsunami flooded the dry land and have used this as a stimulus for their writing.  We are also studying a famous woodblock print called 'The Great Wave', by the Japanese artist Hokusai.  During the week, the children will be working together to create their own masterpieces using printing techniques they have been learning over the past term.  

Click on the picture to see a 3D version of this picture. 


What shapes and colours can you see?  Are they hot or cold colours?

What is the volcano called in the background?

What are the boats doing?

What has caused the wave?

How do the people in the boats feel?

Why are the boats in the sea and where are they going?

Can you think of a story for this picture?  We will be writing a story during the week beginning 9th February 2015.