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Useful Links for Parents

All policies relating to Inclusion at Bengeworth are viewable on the Policies section of our website.

We recognise that pupils have a wide and varying range of needs and barriers to learning. At least one in five pupils will have a special need of some sort during part of, or for their entire school career. At Bengeworth, we believe pupils will be helped to overcome such difficulties. As recommended in the SEN Code of Practice 2014 our school adopts a graduated approach to match provision to children's SEN so that, where necessary, we can draw upon specialist expertise in order to respond to a child's individual needs if they do not make adequate progress.

All the teachers in our school are teachers of SEN. As such they provide quality first teaching to all pupils in their class through adaptation, a variety of teaching strategies and learning arrangements.


Useful links for parents of children with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities: